Thursday, February 23, 2006

Good e-mail

So after my hysteria yesterday I had pretty much given up on the idea of having my bike for this weekend. I was sitting at home playing with ella Crib teeth when my blackberry buzzez. I wasn't really thinking too much about bikes, but have been expecting to hear about a job that I interviewed for, so I rushed over to see what it was all about. Turns out that my frame made it to the boys at Niner and Chris was just letting me know that my new frame was on its way to me. I am so stoked.

I did do a quick gear calculation today and have figured out that I'm going to need to get a 19t cog and maybe a 20t cog depending on where I'm riding and if Lee ever gets me my cranks. Right now I'm set up with a 32x17 on my 26" ss and this has worked really well in most applications. When I run the new cranks the set up will have to be 34x19 or maybe even 20 if I ride HCNSA again! The old TNT cranks have a 110 BCD and 34t is as small a ring as I have found. For the short term, I have my old cranks with 32t ring. If I run the 32x19 it will give me around 45.5 gear inches, a little slacker than the 48.9 I'm used to, just means I'll spin a little mor and mash less. Yikes, two cogs from king in steel will set me back 84 bones.... may have to look at other options. I wonder if the Endless Cog Kick Ass Cogs are worth the money. Hmmm so many things to get together. I'll be posting pics as soon as I get it built up (yes it will look very similar to the one already on my flickr account).



The Los said...

Czech out Surly for cogs as well- good stuff, wide base, cheaper than King, much more durable than Endless

Lee said...

BTW dude, the cranks are on the way, shipping is on me... :)