Thursday, February 16, 2006


Rant: USPS sucks!

Story: So I shipped a frame yesterday and sent it via USPS (I don't trust any of the big house shipping places anymore UPS, FedEX, DHL). I figure if they supported Lance for all those years... oh who am I kidding. They're the best deal in town and the other guys have blown it IMO. So I take care to box up the frame and protect it from as many angular impacts as I can imagine. I take it over to the Post office, and fill out the "insurance" paperwork. So much easier than the other guys so far and the post office is like 3.5 miles from my house. Cool! I'm pumped for under $30 my package will get to its destination in two business days.

Fast forward to this morning. Get a call from the wife "hey, your frame is here", wow that was fast I wasn't expecting the new frame for at least 4-5 days, next day is awesome I'm thinking. She continues "the to/from is reversed, this is the package you sent yesterday" Damn it! Those noodle heads.

Is it my imagination or is that the dumbest thing ever? How can you mistake the words to and from? It's as clear as day and the insurance on the package clearly had the to name and information listed on it. So now it's looking like It'll be next week before my frame arrives at it's destination which means if I'm lucky I'll get my frame by late in the week next week.

So how do I get a job with the USPS? They've got great benefits and slack hours. Plus chix dig a man in a uniform ;o)


rickyd said...

So it's all written out correctly, and they totally got it ass-backwards? WTF?

fatbob29r said...

Oh who knows. I think it's the MAN trying to keep me down!

I had forgotten about the holiday yesterday and can only hope it gets to them today which means at earliest I'll get the new frame on Friday (PLEASE). With all this time spent and extra $ spent I could have had a custom. That's what I get for being lazy, fat, and dumb. I just wannna ride my bike!