Friday, September 26, 2008

Lost pix of west Texas

... since I'm no longer using deathstar communications for my mobile, thought I'd wipe my PDA's before selling them. Found a bunch of pix that I don't think I uploaded anywhere. This was the 2008 Mas-o-meno's race.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Social Networking....

... who knew that it could be so much fun? Since I have time on my hands lately, and my bud Kev has been riding me lately to do the facebook thing, I decided to take on Facebook as well as Linked In. Apparently I already had an account on Linked in... wow didn't even remember doing that. Updated it, and loaded some contacts, who knows might find that lead for a job back east via the web. Facebook is proving to be much more fun, I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon enough, but for now, as Gary says, it's like interactive email. The added bonus is that I've seen names and faces that I haven't seen or hear of in years, some close to a decade or two.... man, when did I get old all of the sudden?

In other news, I'm thinking it's time to replace my old digi cam. My sister recently got a Panasonic Lumix 8.1, it's small enought for biking trips, has a good display, and is cheap @ $159.99. The biggest issue I have purchasing it is that last week the big box retailer selling it was offering a 1GB SD card free with purchase, this week it's a lame little tri-pod. I know, I know splitting hairs. Who knows maybe the little tripod thin will come in handy on some solo rides.

Monday, September 22, 2008

3 days 3 rides

... Friday hooked up with another VA expat (Halfinch to you MORE types) and rode out at Flat Rock Ranch we got a bit of a late start (my fault) but had a good ride and got out of there before it got dark. The different part for me was that it was the first time I've been on a non-fixed bike in several months. Coasting is fun!

Saturday, I rode with Shawn at my local stomp'n grounds it was a less than stellar ride, I was back on the fixie and just couldn't get in the groove. I had a flat, shortly there after Shawn flatted, so we decided to call it a day and cut out after about 1/2 of the ride.

Sunday... my bum was sore, my hands bruised, but that wasn't going to stop me from getting a ride in. This time Government Canyon. I always forget what a fun place this is, nice and rocky, good climbing, nice vista's... this place has it all, well everything but water. I felt pretty good most of the ride, wasn't pushing myself (didn't have coffee always bad) and then we hit the climb @ wild cat. I felt strong and ended up finishing the climb strong. The downhill out was brutal, and something in my handlebar set up was really taking a toll on my hands... numb and sore, I'm thinking the ESI's aren't quite broken in, might have to switch over to OURI's.

Monday... reality check. I really need to do something about the job scenario. I really had it in my heart that I was going to take advantage of this time to get a job back east, and while I still would love this, the logistics are almost impossible. I have a house to sell here, a wife, daughter, and two dogs to get back there, not to mention all the junk.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Home, no thanks to Ike...

... got home yesterday after 11.5 hours in the car, the trip should take ~ 8.5 hours. Remind me to tell you later how much I hate Houston.

Had a good visit with the in-laws. Kathy's brother is doing well, and his wife is busy as always. It was weird being back down there, and I realized that I hadn't been to MS since just after Katrina on our way to TX to live. While Kathy's folks have done a really nice job not only with their house but with the grounds, the area is still very much devastated from Katrina and subsequent storms. Lots of boats still ship wrecked in yards, in homes, on docks, in the road... sad. New Orleans is still a mess as well. The French Quarter was spared during Katrina, but the lower ninth ward was devastated, the scenes while driving around were much like the aftermath of Katrina, homes still boarded up with FEMA X's on them, holes still in roof tops from panic stricken residents creating impromptu escape hatches. The trip made me realize just how much I have to be grateful for.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Damn you Gustov!

So this weekend is a big ride at Government Canyon there's a big group heading down from Austin & the San Antonio Mojo's will be there too. Regrettably we'll be heading to the Gulf Coast to visit with the in-laws. I suppose it's not so bad, after all we will get to see Kathy's brother & sister-in-law who we haven't seen since we lived in Atlanta. Grrr I really wanted to ride there fixed, but I suppose such a venue is no time to experiment.

Went for a quick ride this morning to my fav. local trail had my tomi cog come loose. Second time in a couple of weeks. I think I need to loc-tite the threads. I also got one pinch flat. Good ride, and last one for a week at least as we'll be out of town. I also have three wheels to lace, it was originally two, but I let a guy try out my franken fixie on last weeks swill ride and he bent my rim jumping a curb... so much so that it broke the seam and I just don't trust it for the terrain around here.

The wife and kiddo will be gone for another few weeks when I get back from the in-laws... thinking it might be road trip time... where to go?

That's it, just wanted to get the random stuff out of my head. Also still looking for any leads back in the DC area job wise.