Saturday, June 10, 2006


So this is our first "summer" in Texas. The first thing people tell you when you move from anywhere to anywhere else is that it's different. I got the speach from everyone under the sun about how hot it is in Texas. Well, I thought to myself, at least it's not humid. Being from DC & the east coast it's humid as hell. So I think to myself well 90 with 100% humidity is hot, how bad can 104 with almost no humidity be? Well, let me tell you, it's HOT, and not only hot but the sun is brutally intense. It's flesh scaldingly hot. I now know why "cowboys" wear those silly hats. Wow, if you're thinking of moving to Texas, do yourself a favor and come visit in June or July, you might think twice. I'm told by other transplants that I'll get used to the heat. I don't know about that. It's not so much the heat, but rather how intense the sun is. Plus it never seems to end, even on rainy days the sun is out. It's like living on another planet.

That's it for now, I'm off to feed the dogs and sneak out for a ride at my favorite trail.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Thanks to all who have posted to help me out with adjustments, tips, fit etc.

Ricky-d, as you suggested I adjusted the levers closer to the bar, and although it's a little weird feeling being so close before the brakes engage, I've found that I'm actually thinking about my braking more rather than the knee jerk brake locking that I was so fond of. I'm sure the trail gods had a sigh of relief... you learned me again Ricky!

JoeP/PeterB, Thanks for the bar adjustment tips. Mine are almost parallel to the ground at this point, and I'm not feeling the hand numbness that I was in the past. I also feel much more comfortable on the climbs in this position as I'm not wrenching my wrists in a funny angle, but rather using my shoulders and full arm extensions to push/pull on the gritty stuff.

SSLOS... thank you for the fine wrap job my brotha... we must ride if you have time away from your Zen Tu Nai training.... do I owe you anything for the wrap or grips BTW?

I hope to get my hi-jacked camera back from the wife soon and will post pics of the set up, and some of the beloved Madrone trail surrounding Canyon Lake.