Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another treadmill day....

... rain and family in town kept me from riding on Friday, the weekend was shot with more family obligations and kid duty, Monday was wasted again with out of town family and a kid out of school. So today, it was back to the treadmill... didn't have as good of a pace as I would have liked and was back to a 10 min/mile pace... oh well, will improve it next time.

In other news, the A6 had to go in for service today, the wife is really on my arse to get rid of it, can't say I blame her, but man I sure do love driving that car. Looks like it will mini-van time soon... ugh, might as well take what's left of my manhood. I'd almost rather ride my bike places than drive that thing, but the price is right $0.00 and worth ever penny of that.

Did I mention that I'm driving a loaner '10 A4 Avant? So nice!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The dreaded treadmill.....

... nothing exciting to report today. Yesterday was a misty, wet, PNW sort of day which ultimately meant no riding for me. Ended up on the Fat Bob '10 weight loss program on the treadmill... just over 2 miles but time improved significantly over last time with 9:03/mile. With more rain in the forecast it doesn't look good for a ride until at least the weekend. More treadmill on Friday and I'll have to increase the mileage while trying to find a good pace.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gift of a day

If only we had more of them. Living in central TX has its ups and downs... for me, mostly downs (too damn hot). Of course, being the middle of winter and having a day with predicted temps in the low 70's can be a nice break. While I enjoyed my frosty cold ride the other day, it is nice to have the contrast of sunny and warm just a few days later.

As part of my Fat Bob challenge '10, I was scheduled to run on Monday and so I did. 2 miles on the treadmill with an average of 10:45/mile... pretty pathetic (I was almost 3:00/mile faster just 3-4 years ago). Treadmills are the ultimate hell, thank God for Steve Jobs and his nifty little listening gadgets, if it weren't for my ipod there's no way I could do the treadmill.

So Monday is done, and I find myself with an open Tuesday morning. The weather guessers were calling for a nice day, and they didn't disappoint. 49* when I dropped E off @ school, got home surfed a little, emptied my SD card onto a hard drive, loaded up bike and gear and headed off to the Madrone. As I pulled into the parking lot temps were in the mid 50's, looked through the gear bag and realized I didn't have a short sleeve or sleeveless jersey.... except for the Swobo. Wool didn't let me down, kept me comfortable the whole ride albeit a little warm.

Fast forward to dinner plans, Kathy had "Alice Springs Chicken" on the family menu for tonight.... while this meal doesn't exactly lend itself to healthy living, it sure does taste good. I prepare our meal, and E, my sous chef helps with the sauce... I know I'm a gushing dad, but every stage with her just keeps getting better. Anywho, I also picked up one of the wifey's favorite libations (Kahlua & cream). So while the little chef and I slave away in the kitchen, the wife can relax and play on the Internet and just have some "chill" time. After dinner, we rush outside to enjoy what's left of our glorious day and start a fire to roast Marshmallows. Perfect ending to a most excellent day.

Oh... did I mention why I'm up @ 3:15? Well, seems that while the wife was obsessed with some GD stupid kids song she had heard earlier in the day and was surfing for a sample of it, she turned the speakers on the computer upstairs to max... flash to 3:00 am when I have said computer to run a full system scan and reboot, and voila you get a nice Microsoft wake up call.... DEEEM DUUUM DUUUM DUUUM.....Grrrr. Wednesday isn't starting off quite as well as Tuesday did ;^)

Friday, January 08, 2010

Day 8 of '10.... 3rd ride

... cold morning, the dash doesn't take windchill into account... felt more like 17* Ground was frozen solid, ice on the streets, feels like winter. Tomorrow's forecast low of 15* which we don't get often here in central TX.
Yeah, I know I'm getting soft. Not only fat, but soft. My feet froze, didn't have proper footwear, will wear wool socks next go around. Good shot of my nickname. So far two rides on the EM, and I must say it's a great bike. I see the beginning of many great adventures together.

As my parting shot yesterday, you may remember this picture.

So what's the big deal you ask? Well, there's something missing from this picture... this:

I've ranted about trail sanitation in the past, especially @ this trail... please if you ride out here, don't take it upon yourself to make things easier for the rest
of us.... some of us enjoy the challenge. Instead, please call the Corps of Engineers and ask how you can volunteer for trail work.... we're going to need it this spring for sure.

In other trail news... Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

As far as I know hunting & guns are illegal on Corps land, with the exception of the special needs kids hunt.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


... for you Erin

No, it's not that kind of "Salsa", although it's just as spicy and hot....

So it came via Brown Santa on Tuesday evening, I immediately went about modifying some of the stock parts. Ditched the 9spd drive train (although I will keep the rear wheel with cassette and my XO bits for geared rides). Ditched the FSA cranks for my Race Face, Added my King SS wheelset, ditched the stock grips for Ouri's, ditched the stock brake levers for Ultimate's, ditched the stem and post for my Thomson's, and finally added my WTB Silverado saddle.

I was concerned about my shake down ride on Wed @ the Madrone trail. It was cold and misty, much like I imagine the PNW in the winter (Bliss!) the moisture and rocks could spell disaster on a steel painted bike.... oh well, throw caution to the wind and ride! The bike did great, was very lively and felt a ton better than the high dollar Ti Lynskey it replaced... I am a steel guy. There were a few times where I could have easily lost it due to piolt error, but the stiff King wheels, and responsive EM made up for my lackluster skills. I can't wait to try out different configurations on this bike. I have an On-One carbon fork for "race" day rides, a RS Reba for when I go up to Austin, a set of woodchipper bars for Thursday night social rides and gears for when I lose my mind.

I also need to post a review on my x-mas present to myself... a Swobo SS wool jersey, but that's another post

A parting shot

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy 2010

So the last 6 months or so have been very lacking in the riding department. I need to change this.... and yes, I say this ever year, but as my odometer rolled over 40 I need to pay more attention to my physical condition. Rather than wait for the new year, I started a little early. On Wednesday I did a 2 mile run (on the treadmill), then yesterday Friday I did 9ish mile off road ride (our annual Madrone New Years ride). I'm going to take the weekend off to rest (legs are killing me) and will start up again Monday. The plan is to try to get out as much as possible, and if I can't get out, I'll hit the treadmill, or spin bike... oh yeah, forgot to mention the local "Y" was selling off their fleet of spin bikes for $50 each, couldn't pass up that deal... $1k spin bike for $50... yes please.

In bike news, in order to motivate myself a little more, I decided to unload the Ti Lynskey that I didn't care for all that much and pick up a steel bike. I found a great deal on a complete Salsa El Mariachi @ Universal Cycles, and had enough from the sale of the Pro29 to pick up a complete Mariachi, a set of Woodchipper bars, Bar end shifters, and Cane Creek linear pull road levers... now I have a bike I can run geared or SS, with a suspension fork or rigid, as a monster cross, or mountain bike. I'm also planning on trying to get out at least once every other month for a little bikepacking. I'm currently on the hunt for a down bag (my 10+year old synthetic still works but is way too bulky), and hammock. I'm not worried about a stove or other gear at the moment (ok, maybe a couple of compression bags) as these will be quick out and back trips locally to get the feel for bikepacking to see if I like it.

Sorry, no New Years ride pix, I was having a tough enough time keeping up with the pack as I was fixed and rigid... not to mention fat and out of shape.