Sunday, October 07, 2007

Project 96'r Recipie


1) Old Kona King Kahuna Ti

1) 29" front wheel

1) Avid BB7 Mechanical Disc caliper

1) On-One Superlight Fork

1) Star Nut

2) Zip ties

Bulk Cable Housing and cable

Dozen spacers gourmet or standard

Dash of single track dust to taste

Take Old Kona and carefully remove old squishy bits off of front including 26" wheel. On a clean work bench, combine On-One fork, Mechanical Disc. Take ingredients off of bench and incorporate with Old Kona. Measure rise of stem, install spacers as needed and cut fork to length. Mix star nut, cable & housing and tighten everything to spec. To finish, add 29r wheel, sprinkle with single track dust and enjoy. Makes one serving, guaranteed to make you smile.