Sunday, August 30, 2009

English Composition, Anatomy, Physiology, and Chemistry...

.... so I've been stupid busy over the last week and a half or so. Started classes full time, no time to read other blogs let alone post to my own lame blog. For those that are following along:

English Composition. Can I take a moment to rant? This class exists solely to justify to those that wasted their time in this major, why English Composition is important. I've held some mid level positions in some very large corporations, and I can tell you that nothing I ever put my hands on adhered to the MLA standards. Also, has anyone noticed that the fields that once were so prominent and probably used this garbage regularly are going away? It's called evolution folks, colloquial language is the majority, MLA is a minority and shrinking ever day.

On a positive note, I love Chemistry so far, and although there is a ton to absorb, Anatomy and Physiology are excellent as well.

On the bike front, the most riding I've gotten in since school started is pulling Ella in the trailer to the pool. I'm going to have to take advantage of my small window on Tuesdays to ride off road. I'm also thinking I need to utilize some night rides around town.... sigh, such is the life of a broke, student.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Busy week....

So this week was Kathy's birthday. Her folks came to town from MS on Sunday, which means I spent last Sat & Sun cleaning and getting ready for them. I don't know why we go to such lengths to clean and de-clutter, when her folks arrive the house gets trashed in 0.0005 seconds. Keeping up appearances I suppose.

Monday was K's official B-day. I got her two dozen roses, and some aqua globes... yep those cheap ass infomercial things... that's what she wanted. Instead of running around and trying to make her happy all day, she & her mom went to San Antonio to do some sushi for lunch and did a little shopping. That opened up the afternoon for me to ride, and I wasn't about to let an opportunity like that slip away. I had a nice quick lap around the lake... life was good. When I returned, we all got cleaned up and headed back to San Antonio to some seafood place for dinner, thank you father-in-law for picking up the tab!

Tuesday was meet the teacher @ E's school. Her PK4 teacher is really nice, and I think E will really thrive in a scholastic environment... I swear I don't think she's my child!

On Wednesday I had an in person interview for a job that would have been perfect. Sadly I was cold, and haven't really had work on the brain, and have had too much Noggin on the brain, so I failed horribly. I suppose this is just further reinforcement that I need to just get my damn RN and be done with corporate America.

Thursday we loaded up the van and headed to Concan, TX to the Frio river. Kathy had seen an ad in some magazine that showcased this park on the Frio, and it looked wonderful. It was a hellishly long drive, and I honestly don't know if I could tolerate driving that horrible van full time... but I digress. After over 2 hours in the car the river was quite a relief. The water was a little low, but this was a good thing as Ella thinks she's an Olympic swimmer and can't stay out of the water. We had a great time and played and swam in the river for a little over three hours. Then another 2+ hours in the van home, only to shower, change and go back to E's school for a Parents orientation class... that's an hour of my life I won't get back.

Friday morning Kathy had to go back to work, and her parents headed home. My plan was to have a nice quiet day @ home, but a friend we made recently wanted to go to playnastics, so we met them there, then went looking for a new car seat for our friends new foster child, then headed to Chick-fil-a so E and 'bella could play. Got home checked email and got the reject letter from the gig on Wednesday... I knew it didn't go well.

Pretty good week with the family, gotta get focused and get this RN program done so I don't have to deal with lame interviews for job's I'm over qualified for.

Hitting Madrone early with Michael, camera phone pix until I pick up the Audi this weekend.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

yeah, yeah keep yer pants on!

Ok, so I'm lame and haven't kept up lately. Not much really to report. Wife is working way too much, I'm going cray @ home with the rug rat, virtual school is much more challenging that I originally thought, can't wait for actual Nursing classes (still have a full semester before I can start).

I haven't been on the bike nearly enough, and I really can't take it much longer. On the weekends when K works late, I can't even sneak out for an early ride because if E wakes up early and K has to watch her, I'm a jerk. I try to go later in the day, but I'm a jerk for not spending time, so no matter how you slice it... I'm a jerk for wanting to ride. Thing is, riding makes me much more mellow, and a better person to be around. It is a healthy thing to do and it could be worse. I could be one of those NFL network guys that stays glued to the TV Saturday-Monday night. I could have a bunch of rowdy drinking buddies over to "watch the game". Or I could be like a lot of my friends who have a "fantasy league"... Then there are the friends I have that do this, and gamble... the way I see it, I'm much easier to deal with.... no?

Have the in-laws in town until Thurs, and am driving mom's "shag'n wagon"... I left my little point-n-shoot in the Audi, so no pix (well maybe camera phone) until next week.