Sunday, May 23, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new.....

.... well it took a ton of nudging, but K finally won. I sold my beloved A6 Avant. Yes, it had problems (3 transmissions in 3 years @ 10k each), it had been hit twice, and the paint and interior had seen better days, but I loved driving that car. Alas, the extended warranty was over in about 400 miles and a major service was due, so out with the old.... in with the new.... Welcome 2010 Honda Fit Sport. No frills, no leather, no sun roof, no gps, no home link, not even an auto trans... but it's new, and it was cheap, and it gets 30 something miles per gallon, so I suppose it's wrong to complain. It's a tiny little car, but has loads of room inside.... I have to admit I'm a little nervous driving the thing in the land of F450's. It simply doesn't have the confidence that the Audi had. The pay back will be in not having to use premium fuel, and I won't have to shell out 1k every time the dealer looks at the thing. So welcome little Fit, you have some big shoes to fill.

Monday, May 03, 2010


.... not so much.

So I was going to take a photo of my empty Jamba Juice cup and have now words.... I believe the art would speak to those interested.... you know who you are. But, alas, FAIL... drank the stupid thing and tossed the cup. I just keep getting more and more lame.

On an interesting note, found my 4th grade teacher on FB and friended her (is that creepie?). Mrs. O, thank you for your eternal patience, I'm a better person for having you as a teacher. I promise today, as I did when I was a child, I'll keep my journal up to date ;^)