Friday, May 12, 2006

back to Jones'n

So I let my buddy sslos borrow my Jones bars, and had been on my Monkey lites for a while. Los liked the JJ's so much he got himself a pair of his own, and returned mine, with a nice wrap job and said.... try them like this. I did... they work... Weird.

I also took JoeP's advice and started with the bars almost level. I put a shorter stem on, and I think the combo works pretty well. So far I have two rides on them at Madrone and no numbness. I think this is going to be the keeper set up wise. Now my only real issue is my short little saussage fingers have a hard time reaching the brake levers with the break levers mounted in front of the cross bar. I know it would look dorky and cut down my hand position real estate wise, but I think I'm going to move the brake levers back and see how well I can reach them from there. I notice in all of Ricky's pic's he's able to grab the brakes while his hands appear to be pretty down low on the bars. He's either got monkey like digits, or I have girl hands... either way I'll have to post up some pics. I also have the ability to take pics again, so I'll be snapping some pics and posting again soon.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Just words....

So I haven't been on the bike since the wife and kid got back from their trip. I've also been putting in a lot of hours at work, and haven't even had time to read my favorite time suckage like MTBR, Bike Mojo, and bikecentric. I just skimmed Ricky's monster and joep's blog. I'm really missing the east coast and my biking friends, at least I can read their blogs and feel like I'm still there. Here in Tejas it's been hotter than hell. I have found a favorit trail (Madrone) and have been doing some riding and trail work while out there. The main trail guy there Joel is a cool guy from the PNW and has taken me under his wing, he's also a 29er guy and rides with toe clips! It's funny to see, but he's pretty darn good with them.

Funny, I look at my goals for this year and I'm already way behind. I'm eating like crap and not on the bike as much as I want to be. Being a new parent is difficult and is cutting into time I used to take for granted. Funny, funny thing... the wife is hitting me up for a health club membership. Maybe a gym is the perfect thing until I have more time to dedicate to the bike.