Friday, May 12, 2006

back to Jones'n

So I let my buddy sslos borrow my Jones bars, and had been on my Monkey lites for a while. Los liked the JJ's so much he got himself a pair of his own, and returned mine, with a nice wrap job and said.... try them like this. I did... they work... Weird.

I also took JoeP's advice and started with the bars almost level. I put a shorter stem on, and I think the combo works pretty well. So far I have two rides on them at Madrone and no numbness. I think this is going to be the keeper set up wise. Now my only real issue is my short little saussage fingers have a hard time reaching the brake levers with the break levers mounted in front of the cross bar. I know it would look dorky and cut down my hand position real estate wise, but I think I'm going to move the brake levers back and see how well I can reach them from there. I notice in all of Ricky's pic's he's able to grab the brakes while his hands appear to be pretty down low on the bars. He's either got monkey like digits, or I have girl hands... either way I'll have to post up some pics. I also have the ability to take pics again, so I'll be snapping some pics and posting again soon.


rickyd said...

What levers you using, Stubs? I'm using Avid SLs at the mo coupled with Ourys. With my palms in the meat of the grips and the outer edge of my hands touching the outer flange, I can get just my index finger on the tips of the lever. You have to remember to have the lever engage really close to the bar, and have the static position set close as well. At least that's what works for me. Mr Jones' advice:

"Longer levers are generally better than short levers. Also be sure the lever has adjustable reach to bring the lever in close, most do."

fatbob29r said...

Hmmm.... I'm running Avid Juicy 7's, I know I've got hobit like little nubs for fingers. I'll have to adjust the pull closer to the bar... you know me, love to be able to stop with a touch, but I'll get used to it. Right now I have to slide my hands slightly forward in order to reach the lever maybe two finger widths from the end of the bar. I'll post up some pic's and angles... Thanks Ricky..

The Los said...

Haw, haw! You've got girl hands!
Glad you like the wrap job. It's a pair of ESI grips ( covered by Bontrager Grippy bar wrap.
We need to go ride Madrone soon. I mean it.

Your Name Here said...

You can try putting the levers on the other side of the bars. I think that might leave you too little room for your hands... regardless of size. It is worth a try.

I've got a friend who installed the dangerboy levers on his Juicy7s and liked the feel of them. He's commented that they fit his smaller hands better.

As for the angle of the H-bars, I sort-of agree with JoeP on the placement. If mine are too flat, they twist my wrists at a weird angle when I get way off the back of the saddle to drop down something nasty. I've definitley got less angle to them now than when I started.

As with all adjustments to positioning, I suggest finding a good starting point and make small, incremental changes one at a time in order to systematically find the most comfortable position. Once you get it set, mark the placement so you can easily replicate it on another bike or if you need to change components.

The H-bars have definitely saved my riding this year. I've got wrist and shoulder issues from YEARS of abuse and they have allowed me to put a lot more miles on the bike since I got them.

Talk to you soon.