Thursday, June 08, 2006


Thanks to all who have posted to help me out with adjustments, tips, fit etc.

Ricky-d, as you suggested I adjusted the levers closer to the bar, and although it's a little weird feeling being so close before the brakes engage, I've found that I'm actually thinking about my braking more rather than the knee jerk brake locking that I was so fond of. I'm sure the trail gods had a sigh of relief... you learned me again Ricky!

JoeP/PeterB, Thanks for the bar adjustment tips. Mine are almost parallel to the ground at this point, and I'm not feeling the hand numbness that I was in the past. I also feel much more comfortable on the climbs in this position as I'm not wrenching my wrists in a funny angle, but rather using my shoulders and full arm extensions to push/pull on the gritty stuff.

SSLOS... thank you for the fine wrap job my brotha... we must ride if you have time away from your Zen Tu Nai training.... do I owe you anything for the wrap or grips BTW?

I hope to get my hi-jacked camera back from the wife soon and will post pics of the set up, and some of the beloved Madrone trail surrounding Canyon Lake.

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Every now and then I come up with a good idea.

Pete is not just a scary face. :P