Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ouch... that's gonna leave a mark

So while out riding Madrone on a tight section of gnar, I got too close to a tree towards the apex of a rocky turn and was literally swept off of the saddle. Evidently I caught a poorly groomed tree branch with my hydration pack (Wingnut Hyper 3.0). The Madrone trail demands respect. It's not nearly as difficult as City Park, but it's not the kind of place you can go and just space out... I wasn't giving enough respect. The end result, I ripped the main part of my harness system away from the body of the Wingnut (amazingly strong actually considering that it held my 178#'s @ 7-8 mph before giving up).

Hard to make it out in the pic, but the harness system pulled away from the body of the pack.

Close up detail of the tear.

We have out of town guests visiting our home beginning tonight, so looks like I'll miss yet another Wed. Night ride with the troops... at this rate it'll be fall before I get a mid week night ride in (I missed the last 3-4 since the wife was out of town leaving me with 3 dogs to tend to @ home). They were originally supposed to stay until Saturday which meant that outside of yard work, I was free to engage in an all day outing, but alas they are now staying @ the Fat Bob Hotel until Monday... maybe I'll sneak out anyway

Monday, July 11, 2011

Austin riding....

been riding up in Austin a lot lately.... Austin feels like home, I'd like to spend more time in Austin.

Dump Truck

The Crew

Getting a little too wild!