Sunday, February 05, 2012

Snow Commute

I've been off the commute for the last couple of weeks, and I'm noticing a significant increase in my frustration and irritability. I'd like to say it's 100% due to not commuting, but other factors are playing a role. I have not had nearly enough dirt time since winter has set in, and it's been a very mild winter for CO standards. I've been buried at work lately, and have begun to notice some unfavorable tactics that I need to gain some distance from (need to take the high road instead of trying to prove my point... since no one really cares anyway). Finally, the distance and time between my family is really getting old. So, in an effort to not lose my mind and job, I've decided to start commuting in again, and what better day to choose to commute in, but the day we're expected to get close to 2' of snow... heck, why not?

I'm not gifted at taking over the head pictures, my arms are too short, and my head is too fat, but here's my best attempt. *note* mine were the only tracks on the trail Friday

I left the office ~4:00PM on Friday, some very deep sections of snow, but the bike paths were mostly clear!

Skinny(ish) 700x32's will go back on soon, as will fenders. The Salsa El Mariachi does it all and never complains.