Friday, April 29, 2011

Not my post, but worth re-posting here.

Feel free to post this on your youtube, FB, Tweet, or anywhere you want to post it. A fabulous little video that I stole from good ole Kent Peterson's blog. I want to be just like Kent when I grow young!

Cascade Bicycle Club - Vision 2011 from Punch Drunk on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tinkering in the garage....

So tonight K was playing with a new lens for her DSLR which meant that she and E were going to be busy until bed time. This was perfect news for me since my new SKF bearings arrived via USPS on Monday. I was able to press in all 8 bearings, my DW Link is now "smoove" and better than new. Since my hands were already dirty, I figured what the heck and re-built the Mach 429. This forced me to also re-assemble the El Mariachi to a rigid fork configuration, which made me take it for a test spin. I had been noticing that my pedals were making a lot of noise, and chalked it up to shot bearings in my pedals or bent axles... nothing new for me with old atac's, but when I spun back into the garage I noticed the the drive side of my BB was dangerously close to falling the phock out! Jeez, what a dunce. Removed and inspected, re-greased and re-installed. The El Mariachi is back in service as is the Mach 429. All in all a solid 3 hours playing in the garage... it's good for boys to tinker in the garage from time to time... now it's time for a cold shiner and some idiot box time until I fall asleep.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Madrone Trail Fire

Went to the Madrone trail yesterday to get a little ride on. I contemplated trying to ride my bike from the house up river road and hitting the trail for an all day outing, but ended up being lazy and driving. I also went back and forth trying to decide on hydro pack or just 24oz. bottle... ended up going with the bottle since I drove and figured it would be plenty.... little did I know that after a very short 1 mile a hiker would ask me for help with a wild fire. The fire started small, but quickly got out of hand with high gusting wind and very dry conditions. I spent roughly an hour on the phone with 911 while stomping the fire by foot and with green juniper branches. Eventually we got the 80 yard by 20 yard fire under control, nothing for the fire department to do but douse the area with water and cultivate the earth to eliminate the possibility of re-kindling an ember... I was exhausted and have a whole new appreciation for what fire fighters go through!