Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another treadmill day....

... rain and family in town kept me from riding on Friday, the weekend was shot with more family obligations and kid duty, Monday was wasted again with out of town family and a kid out of school. So today, it was back to the treadmill... didn't have as good of a pace as I would have liked and was back to a 10 min/mile pace... oh well, will improve it next time.

In other news, the A6 had to go in for service today, the wife is really on my arse to get rid of it, can't say I blame her, but man I sure do love driving that car. Looks like it will mini-van time soon... ugh, might as well take what's left of my manhood. I'd almost rather ride my bike places than drive that thing, but the price is right $0.00 and worth ever penny of that.

Did I mention that I'm driving a loaner '10 A4 Avant? So nice!

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e. said...

oh yes. we have a minivan. it's a sad situation, but cake with the kids and dog. total cake. sooo..