Thursday, January 07, 2010


... for you Erin

No, it's not that kind of "Salsa", although it's just as spicy and hot....

So it came via Brown Santa on Tuesday evening, I immediately went about modifying some of the stock parts. Ditched the 9spd drive train (although I will keep the rear wheel with cassette and my XO bits for geared rides). Ditched the FSA cranks for my Race Face, Added my King SS wheelset, ditched the stock grips for Ouri's, ditched the stock brake levers for Ultimate's, ditched the stem and post for my Thomson's, and finally added my WTB Silverado saddle.

I was concerned about my shake down ride on Wed @ the Madrone trail. It was cold and misty, much like I imagine the PNW in the winter (Bliss!) the moisture and rocks could spell disaster on a steel painted bike.... oh well, throw caution to the wind and ride! The bike did great, was very lively and felt a ton better than the high dollar Ti Lynskey it replaced... I am a steel guy. There were a few times where I could have easily lost it due to piolt error, but the stiff King wheels, and responsive EM made up for my lackluster skills. I can't wait to try out different configurations on this bike. I have an On-One carbon fork for "race" day rides, a RS Reba for when I go up to Austin, a set of woodchipper bars for Thursday night social rides and gears for when I lose my mind.

I also need to post a review on my x-mas present to myself... a Swobo SS wool jersey, but that's another post

A parting shot


rickm said...

nice ride Bob. What didn't you like about the TI frame? Was it to soft?

fatbob29r said...


Thanks, nothing fancy, but it'll do for now.

The Lynskey felt like riding a piece of drift wood, flat and dead. I suppose that makes me a steel guy, shame really, I'd love for Ti to feel "right" just doesn't.

How's Sage doing? Need to visit and demo one of your 429's

Chris said...

Damn Brother, you change bikes faster than I do!!! Nice choice on the Salsa, can't go wrong with one.

Happy New Year , this year, Fat Bob and Fat Chris need to ride together.

fatbob29r said...


Happy Anyo Nuevo to you too! Yes, well I didn't want to not like the Lynskey, just happened. I'm super happy with the Salsa, thought I'd ride it until I could figure out what custom steel builder to go with, but now I'm thinking I could use that $ for a trip instead.

How's the Fargo treating you? Hope all is well with you and the family... did the girls have a good x-mas?

e. said...

yes, well... a little tiny bit more enlightened, but the first picture is the only thing that really struck a cord for me! :) i'm glad you like your new ride.