Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy 2010

So the last 6 months or so have been very lacking in the riding department. I need to change this.... and yes, I say this ever year, but as my odometer rolled over 40 I need to pay more attention to my physical condition. Rather than wait for the new year, I started a little early. On Wednesday I did a 2 mile run (on the treadmill), then yesterday Friday I did 9ish mile off road ride (our annual Madrone New Years ride). I'm going to take the weekend off to rest (legs are killing me) and will start up again Monday. The plan is to try to get out as much as possible, and if I can't get out, I'll hit the treadmill, or spin bike... oh yeah, forgot to mention the local "Y" was selling off their fleet of spin bikes for $50 each, couldn't pass up that deal... $1k spin bike for $50... yes please.

In bike news, in order to motivate myself a little more, I decided to unload the Ti Lynskey that I didn't care for all that much and pick up a steel bike. I found a great deal on a complete Salsa El Mariachi @ Universal Cycles, and had enough from the sale of the Pro29 to pick up a complete Mariachi, a set of Woodchipper bars, Bar end shifters, and Cane Creek linear pull road levers... now I have a bike I can run geared or SS, with a suspension fork or rigid, as a monster cross, or mountain bike. I'm also planning on trying to get out at least once every other month for a little bikepacking. I'm currently on the hunt for a down bag (my 10+year old synthetic still works but is way too bulky), and hammock. I'm not worried about a stove or other gear at the moment (ok, maybe a couple of compression bags) as these will be quick out and back trips locally to get the feel for bikepacking to see if I like it.

Sorry, no New Years ride pix, I was having a tough enough time keeping up with the pack as I was fixed and rigid... not to mention fat and out of shape.


Fat Lad said...

Keep spinning fella you'll get there

Happy New Year mate

Fat Lad

erin said...

OK, mcfatty, i don't know what you just said, except i love anything with the word SALSA in it! wish we could spin together!!!

fatbob29r said...


Thanks mate, hope your WL is going well, holidays are difficult for sure.


Fun rides with the girls on the W&OD... fun, fun, fun!