Friday, February 03, 2006

Greetings from MA!

I'm not sure what the weather's been like in the Dirty South, but up here in Fat Bob's old hometown of the Mid Atlantic, it hasn't been bad. There's been an unseasonably warm trend that has both good and bad sides. Good: no thick jackets, balaclavas, or neoprene booties necessary. Bad: we still get sprinkles, but not quite enough sun to heat the ground so that it firms back up. Consequently, peanut butter. Slogging. Grass and detritus jamming up your stays and V-brakes, if you're unfortunate enough to be stuck with them.

There are alternatives. Too bad they aren't as quick and easy. For me, road biking is a bore. I fixied up my street machines to at least make it more interesting, but alas, snooooooooze. The other option, riding in as rocky areas as you can, quite literally, rocks.

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fatbob29r said...

Missing the MA. Texas is nice, people are nice, but I miss my MA buds and the big trees out there. After watching Ricky's vid's I'm also missing the "urban feel" of a real city. The steps at UM remind me of downtown. Sigh.... see you in the spring.