Friday, February 03, 2006

Viva la Blog!

Welcome to my blog. As the title may imply I love riding bikes. I love talking bikes. I love looking at bikes. Bicycles not motorcycles (although I do like '50's era motorcycles). I'm nuts about them. I think most "cyclist" have a tendancy to go overboard. I like road bikes, cruisers, bmx bikes, mountain bikes, commuter bikes. Lately I've gotten into 29er's as my handle implies. I've been doing the single speed thing for about five years now and just got a single speed 29er from a company called "Niner Bikes" the specific model is the SIR 9 which stands for Steel Is Real. I'll be posting pics of it soon, as well as other pics of rides, family, bikes and random stuff that I find interesting. Enjoy your stay and feel free to drop me a line should you be inspired.

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