Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The waiting game continues and other random shizzle

Here we are, it's Wednesday and still no word from Niner. I'm begining to worry that the frame hasn't made it to them, hopefully the idiots at the post office aren't just sitting on the frame. Problem is I didn't add a signature tracker or any such option or device. Argh! The waiting is driving me crazy. I want my new frame so bad, this sucks. In thinking over my decision I could have gone with a Walt frame with custom geometry specifically for me and my "needs" for the amount this has cost me and it would already be here in my grubby little hands. Oh well, can't think like that. Must keep the positive in mind. I love my Kermit green and once I get it built up I'll be very happy.

The whole experience has gotten my wondering about building frames. Heck the Niner boys are great to deal with, but they don't really build their own frames, they're made for them based on their standards. I've been reading a lot about fillet brazing and frame fabrication in general. There are tons of guys out there building nice hand made frames, even Kathy suggested I take a couple of welding classes. St. Phillips College here in SA offers a few good courses on Oxy-Acetylene, MIG, and TIG welding. I may have to sign up for a few classes, maybe instead of my dream of owning a bike shop, I'll start making frames and provide bike shops with quality frames... Hmmm. I think Jeff Jones got started by taking on a lacky position with GT back in the day.

That's about it for now, going to give the boys at Niner a buzz to see if the frame made it to them alright. Unless my frame was shipped today there's no chance of getting it built for a ride this weekend. Sigh!

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