Friday, February 10, 2006

A word onEbay...

So what's with ebay? I put up a 3 day listing for my Niner for a great deal, I got a bunch of lurkers and a couple of e-mails asking if I'd sell the frame with fork for my asking price. Freaking whores! I can't understand people's logic. New frame, never touched parking lot, trails, nothing. Put it together, stood over it and realized I was way off. What really kills me is that the color is not available anymore and people are still trying to low ball me. Sheesh! I should have listed it under collectors items and used more buzz words like rare, last one etc. The final straw was that the warranty will still be with the bike as if it was new, and yet nothing. No one would take the opening bid even though they could save off $ off the list price and get a color no longer available. Idiots! The upshot is that the folks at Niner are good guys and are willing to work with me. I won't be able to recover all my $, but at this point I just want to ride my bike. I'll be riding the Gunnar this weekend at a place called HCNSA. I'm bringing the camera and hope to get some good action shots for the kids back east! Have a great weekend, ride your bike(s).

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