Monday, February 06, 2006

Tire kickers....

Ugh, so from my previous post you read about what an idiot I am by ordering a frame that is too big for me. I've had about 30 e-mails asking about the bike, but mostly tire kickers. My experience is going from euphoria to utter depression. To top it all off I have some jerk off from West Africa that's trying one of those I'll send you $10,000.00 for the bike if you'll send me a check back for $5,000.00 and keep the rest for your trouble.... sure buddy, heck why don't I give you my DOB, SSN, and Credit Card number, I mean you sound honest in your e-mail... sheesh!

Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Maybe one of the 3-4 guys who thought about it overnight will step up. Niner of course is closed today, so I couldn't get warranty answers today. Maybe tomorrow.

On a positive note, I found a pic from MBW '03 on my old hard drive that I uploaded. Man, I'm really missing the East Coast.


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