Saturday, February 04, 2006

Size does matter...

So for over a week I've been gathering the finishing bits for my new 29er. The last thing I needed to do was put it all together, find couple of folks who wanted to do some sessioning, and pick a spot. It was all going according to plan, Carlos called to let me know the seat post had arrived, and that he had time to press in my headset. Excellent! Get over to his place, get the bike together and throw a leg over.... that's when it all started going downhill.

Carlos: "what size is that frame again?"
Me: "it's a medium"
Carlos: "... and how tall are you?"
M: "5'6" with shoes on"
C: "What's your inseam"
M: "uh 29" dress pants"
C: "what's the stand over on the bike?"
M: " 28" and change"
C: "..dude, it's too big for you"
M: "F#*K ME!!!!"

So I swallow my pride and call Chris from Niner bikes. He has one last Kermit green which I beg him to put aside for me. The down shot, he can't give me full credit for the medium because I already frame saved the frame. Damn it! So I placed an ad on and listed a spam notice. The upshot for me is that this color is a limited edition color and is already sold out. Chris claims to get several calls per day asking for a Kermit in medium, so hopefully he'll steer them to my add. I so wanted to ride the new bike this weekend, but I'll have to wait until next weekend and pray that some good soul picks up in a day what took me months of patience. Moral of the story, measure twice, order once!

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