Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend review...

So my sister from DC and her family are in town this weekend, it's been nice having them around and getting a chance to hang out with them. Funny how when you live 10 miles from each other you don't take the time to hangout as much as you should. I suppose life gets in the way some times.

So our story picks up on Thursday night. I decided to go down to San Antonio and do the Thursday night swill ride. Prior to the swill ride, we did an off road adventure through the Olmos Basin. Alan was there, always good to see him and ride with him. Tobin from NB was also there, the second time I've ridden with him in a week, more than in the last two years I've lived in New Braunfels. Stayed out late, drank quite a few tasty beverages, had a yummy Portabello burger, this veggie lifestyle isn't so bad.

Friday Kathy & Ella had playnastics so I thought I'd do a quick run, and mow the lawn. Got in a short 2 miles, but the legs were spent from the night before on the fixie. Mowed the lawn, and even assembled our new bed frame. Quite a productive day.

Saturday morning I got out for a quick Madrone ride, came home and got ready for dinner at my sisters house. We had a great dinner thanks to her husband who's an excellent party host and cook. The girls had their feet done, Kathy's was her birthday gift from the family, which is really nice as funds are going to be tight moving forward.

Sunday I took Ella to the pool, and then we took a nice nap together. We then dropped her off with my sister so we could have a night together for Kathy's birthday.

Monday, I begin job searching... woohoo! I'm casting a broad net, Kathy has agreed to go anywhere, and this is the perfect opportunity to get back home to the east coast. Anyone hiring back east (DC, VA, MD) let me know....

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gmr2048 said...

Have you used the site "" at all? It's a networking site for professionals who want to connect/find jobs. It's based on the principals of "six degrees of separation" meets "it's not what you know, it's who you know". I've been a member for a while, but never actually seen anything come of it...till last week when one of my contacts asked me to do an email introduction to another contact which resulted in "Contact A" being hired by "Contact B's" company (scoring him a fat raise, and me a tasty 12-pack as a finder's fee). Might be another resource to tap in the hunt.

Then there's always the "jobs" section for. The IT department here has found most of our recent hires there.

Good luck. If I can assist, let me know.