Monday, August 25, 2008


So you'll notice that this blog does not contain any pictures of my ride this weekend. Why? Because after taking the time to stop, take some so-so pictures, and even do some trail repair (some lazy fuggers have been cutting cheater lines) yours truly left his camera behind. Argh! Yes it was an old lack luster camera. Yes new ones are better, but the old one worked fine for my camera skills, and it was long paid for. Funny, fxwhl found a camera, and I lost one. The cycling karma does not go without notice. Perhaps I need to ride fixed more?



Lee said...

Hey man, i was looking for an email addy for you, guess i lost it. Here's the house i was telling you about. I know you could bring it down more too. I could contact the owner if you have any interest and see if there's a no realtor deal.,ASHBURN,VA-20147

Sorry for the long ass link.

fatbob29r said...

Right on! Thanks man. I desperately need a J.O.B. before I can head up. I have a lead for a job in Chantilly but it's moving a little slow. I'll keep you posted, appears to be a lot of inventory in that area, even some SFH's off of Church Rd. for a reasonable price.