Saturday, August 02, 2008

Another day, another fixie adventure....

Hooked up with Tobin, Joel, and Ride4beer @ the Madrone. I'm way slower than Joel, never ridden with Tobin or R4B, they're all fit so I figure I'm fugged, but what the hay, not like I've never ridden the Madrone solo before. The ride ensues, I'm hanging in the back chatting it up a bit at first, then just keeping up with the crew. Joel's up front on his new Mamasita, he was fast before the Mama, and just keeps me far enough behind that I don't see him except at re-group area's. Tobin's being cool and hangin' in the back with me while r4b is up front with Joel. At some point r4b drops back and I pull ahead. I'm burning pretty good for me, but know I can't keep it up for a sustained amount of time. Eventually we get to the Marina area where everyone struggles a little giving me a chance to pull in behind Tobin who's now taken the lead. The others catch up and at Joel's re-route I go straight into the sh!t, while the boys enjoy the longer, but less techy section. I know I'm up front now, so I take advantage of the situation and power through to the start/finish. We all re-group again, when Tobin & Joel ask if we want to get in another lap, there's no way I can do the first half, so I suggest "Grand Canyon" which recieves funny looks, Joel graciously corrects me and tells me it's called "Flying Cactus"... who knew? Off we go, again I'm pulling the back, when we get to an opening r4b pulls off looking for his lungs, Joel slows to see if he's ok and I take another spot, now I'm closing in on Tobin, who's officially warmed up. I give it everything I have and catch up, Joel's on my freaking rear wheel like white on rice.... I keep it up as long as I can but a cramp reminds me that I'm no racer boy. By the time I heal up I'm at the back of the pack again. I catch up at boat ramp, Tobin know's I'm toast and suggests we short cut over to the Marina and finish up in the dirt, I agree and spin along. We get to the dirt where again everyone is having a hard time, I clean the section and pull up front not to see the crew until we get to the cars.

After the ride I followed Tobin over to his crib to Czech out his rocking new Vanilla. All I can say is if I had the $, I'd certainly love to have one myself, although I don't know if I'd ever ride it for fear of damaging such a work of art.

Tomorrow is a rest day. I'll more than likely spend the morning playing with Ella at the pool, and hiding from the sun for the afternoon.

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