Thursday, March 23, 2006

New set up

Looks like I'm slowing down on my update... such is life.

After a tough ride with my friend Alan at Comfort I decided to order some new gears. I had been running 32x17 which was cool on my 26" bike, but isn't cutting it on climbs on the 29er. So I got a 19t and a 21t cog from speedgoat . I have to say that ordering from them when I was back east was much quicker than my current digs west of the Mississippi. Oh well, they're worth the wait. I also decided to ditch the Jones H-bar after 4-5 rides, and am now set up with a pair of Mary's. I've been waiting on Ricky to hand over some precious advice about set up, but no response... Slacker must be riding his bike or something. Anywho, I let Los borrow the H-bars and he's pretty stoked, I think Jeff should be paying me a royalty to spread the love of his bars locally. Try them before buying them kind of deal, you listening you hairy freak?

That's all for now...


JoeP said...


FYI: I rode Fhead this past Sunday and purposely set my Jones bars with 5 degrees more "tilt" than I usually run. My hands went numb after 20 minutes of riding. My back got sore soon after. Tilted them back to my usual position. Hands and back were happy. Lesson learned: stay hydrated and always carry a tube.

Your Name Here said...

Beth and Chris Curry (Speedgoat folks) are like family to me. :D

I've kind of settled into 32x20 gearing for around the DC area. I may switch over to 34x21 (a hair bigger gear) by mid season. I need to be hauling a little less weight up the hills before I make that swap. ;)