Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mary, Mary quite contrary

So I was under the weather on Friday and decided to take a half day to clear my head and sweat my cold. I ended up riding Government Canyon which is very rocky and technical, with some of the best climbing in San Antonio. Things started off well, and Tig one of the Houston Mojo's and I got started around 14:00. On our first climb, my hands were feeling rough, I could tell the difference between the aluminum and ti bars for sure.

Half way through the ride and still plenty of climbing to do, but Mary had a different agenda. I was struggling, my hands were killing me. By the time we reached the end of the ride, a nice rocky downhill with the best vista's of the canyon, my hands were toast. I could barely hold onto the bars. When we reached the truck, I had to show Tig my hands, cause I think he thought I was just a slacker... I have two huge blisters on each palm... Mary and I have since parted ways. I'm back to my EC90's, so much more comfortable.


Cellarrat said...

If the ec-90's work for you then go for it... Mabe with the mary try a thicker or skinner grip Oray's=fat foam grip skinny...

Get in good with a local bike shop and ask if you can raid there stem bucket try some rise+longer with the jjones bar.

Just my .02

If you want to sell ethier let me know =)

JoeP said...

For the Jones bars: you did put them on so that the wider part was *behind* the stem clamp right? ;)

In case you want to give them another try, I've found that I can't stand the way people around here usually run them (way too much "angle"). On my bike they're almost parallel with the ground.

If you can't sell them, give 'em to me. I'll put them on Aga's bike.