Monday, March 06, 2006

Madrone ride with the "los"

1st ride
Saturday saw my first ride on the Niner Sir 9. I headed out with fellow 29er sslos. We met up at the Madrone Trail, and after looking over each others rides, we hit the trail. I was a little anxious riding with los, as he's a Colorado & Socal rider and not only rides 29er, but rides fixed! Yikes!!! He was of course very patient and even let me take a break to catch my breath and make some adjustments to the new ride. I had a great time, the 29er did really well and cleared sections that I can't get through on the Gunnar. I don't know how much was my mad skilz, the bigger wheels, or just dumb luck. I brought my camera, but didn't carry it with me, as I wasn't sure how many times I'd end up on my back and ultimately crushing the camera. As luck would have it, I had one unscheduled meeting with rock and dirt, which I was able to make look cool with my acrobatic dismount (think of Danny Nunan dismounting his 10 speed in Cadyshack, if I don't know what I'm talking about your loss!). The Madrone trail is technical, rocky, and only has minor climbs. I felt a little uncomfortable running the taller gear and think I'm going to have to get a 19t for the rear without a doubt. I'm going to hold off though and see if I'm going to be able to run a 32 or 34 up front. I can't remember what the spider is like on the TNT's that Lee is sending me (thanks again Lee). I'll have to post up the obligatory parking lot shots tomorrow as I didn't burn the pics on to a CD and loading them at home on a dial up sucks. Guess I'll have to expand my horizons and get broadband at home.


Thanks again to sslos for being patient with me and not getting pissed when I rode up on him (bad habit I've always had, just ask Gary ) Pic's to be posted tomorrow, and look out for sslos's wicked cool Wily.


gmr2048 said...

Holy crap! BOB! Man, you ought to tell somebody you've got a new blog running. A little mindless self promotion never hurt anybody!!

Glad to hear you're doing well. Congrats on the wedding and baby. Man, times sure have changed!

So, I'm psyched you've got the blog happening. I put a link to it on my site, and I'll add you to my RSS feed ("RSS, the internet, on crack!"). I definitley look forward to hearing about biking in the warm south.


JoeP said...

My gawd that's a beeyootiful bike! Green like my Monkey, but in a good way. Have fun with it!

fatbob29r said...


Thanks man, just added your blog. I tried to do this a couple of years ago, but slacked and let it die. I'm a technical dolt as you well know ;o)

Joe P,

Where the heck is your steed man! I want to see that sick ti beast of yours. I like to think of the niner as "bogey" green, like when you have a nasal infection... ewww. I dig it though, so far so good for a stock bike!