Sunday, November 09, 2008

Take that!

.... rode out at Madrone today, got to the first little lip umph after the quick switch back and just couldn't stand looking at the void any longer. I dismounted and got to work. I moved back three very large boulders and filled in between with lots of small rock and dirt. It looks almost like it did, might be a touch harder in honesty then the original, but it will wear in (provided non of the ass clowns dumb it back down). Got to the boat ramp section and to my delight my previous de-sanitizing had not been messed with. This put a smile on my face and I enjoyed the rest of my ride knowing that the challenging lines are surviving. I'll try to get out again during the week to see if I can snap some pix.

In other news, I tanked the interview with the GIS company and got the "Sorry you're a loser" email, frankly I expected it and only wish I had been funny since I knew the ship was sinking. I had an open house on Saturday with an interview in which I feel I would be a great fit, but there was a ton of competition so I won't even classify that one as a hopeful. I think in the short term Kathy may have to take on a job and I'll stay home with Ella until we can figure out the next step. My thought is that we clean up our house and get it on the market in the Jan/Feb time frame. If it sells quickly we can always move into my mom's house, and should I get a J.O.B back east as I'd like, I can crash at my sisters place until the house here sells and we can find a place back east. Plus it's probably not a good idea to try to move east in the winter, it will be too much of a shock to the system and I'm sure Kathy would freak out. On the upshot, since joining the social networking scene Kathy seems much more agreeable to being back there. Linking up with former friends and classmates is fun in the virtual world, and hopefully sustainable in the real world. Me? I'm just ready to be back home, to get in better shape (I've lost all technical and aerobic skill since moving), to experience culture, to have a big city close by, and to have real trees again. After being away for 5+ years I will never take for granted large trees, rainy days, cool weather. Atlanta was a lame city, but the cycling was good and felt like I was still home. Texas has the advantage of warm days during the winter, but it's brutally hot the rest of the year and lacks culture other than Tex/Mex. It's a nice place to visit, and I'll have fond memories, but once we get back, I'll never live here again.

That's about all the rambling I have in me.


gmr2048 said...

Have you talked to DT at all about job stuff? I'm pretty sure he's doing GIS work for a gov't/NGO place. Perhaps he can put you in touch with people who know people.

fatbob29r said...


While the GIS stuff is really cool, and I find it uber interesting, I'm no expert nor do I think I'd do too well. I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up. The state of telecom is not so great, perhaps it's time for a career change... you IT people seem to enjoy what you do ;o)

Your Name Here said...

Hang in there Bob. It sounds like your plan is good.