Sunday, December 09, 2007

When all else fails read the directions.....

..... or watch the informational video.

If you've been following along, you no doubt know that I recently purchased a set of King Wheels for the new ride I'm planning (Thanks Joe P for the specs bro, talking to Scott about fit etc). I also recently joined the masses and tried out Stans Notubes latex system. While it worked great on my AC's it sucked on my older wider Crossmax. I figured I'd try it out on the Kings since they're new. The first go was tough, I couldn't get the bead to seat correctly and after about 40 minutes invested decided to toss a tube in and ride. Today I decided to try again. First I installed a tube to set the bead, once set I removed the tube while leaving one bead intact. Next re-install the loose bead leaving room at the bottom to accommodate a valve core and the liquid latex goop ... what a stroke of genius... sorta. This process worked w/o a hitch, but I found that the rim bed of the WTB Laser Disc is too wide, deep and has an ugly seam. In frustration I went to the notubes site to see where I had gone wrong.

Mistake #1 use the proper tape. I used the thin straping tape rather than the more dense yellow tape or rim strips.

Mistake #2 I didn't leave a tube in for an hour or greater to force out any air bubbles from the tape. Pretty important step apparently.

With those things in mind, I'm going to head down to my LBS to see if they have any of the yellow tape, and I'm going to pick up some epoxy or silicone to help seal the seam on the rim. I hope this will be a good solution, and if it holds up as well as it has on the AC I think I'll be pleased. I wanted to slam Stans for being too hype, but they have great detailed how to's on their site, and I really have no one to blame but myself.

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