Saturday, December 22, 2007

Going custom

So after many months of thinking about it, and kicking the idea around with the wife, I decided to go custom for a new 29r. This was on the fast track as I had a huge commission that was supposed to pay out in February, however things didn't go as expected and the commission isn't going to be what I had expected. Looking in the garage, and talking to my CIO (wife) I've decided to sell off the old herd. I'm selling the SIR9 and the ti Kona... and if I get what I'm looking for, I might even sell the Gunnar, but I'm really having a hard time letting go of that bike... every time I throw a leg over it, I tell myself I can't part with it. Sentimental bike for me. So anywho, if you know anyone looking for a a small SIR9 or a groovy ti Kona in 96/26 form factor let them know. I'll post more details about the custom build as I get them. I'm working with a builder, and hope to have CAD drawings early in '08.

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