Sunday, December 23, 2007

Stans + New Rim or Ghetto tubless part III

In this episode of Ghetto tubeless (part III), our lovable fat boy follows the directions and finds himself as frustrated as ever.

I read the compatablility matrix:

Rim Type: WTB Laser Disc Trail 29er

Stans Strip: Plus Four

Directions: This rim has an extremely large rectangle drop channel in the center of the rim. Remove existing rim strip, use two layers of my 12mm spoke tape over the spoke holes. Then apply one layer of foam weatherseal 3/8 inch wide X 3/16 inch thick in this drop channel. Then install Plus Four rim strip. (Use Frost King foam weatherseal Gray item # V443 $2.00 for a 17' roll)

Check, check, and check (substituted brown for gray weatherseal, it's all Home Depot had).

I watched the informational videos:

After multiple shake,lay flat, repeats I finally got my tires to seal. Overall the process was a complete PITA. As I shook, soaped and repeated thoughts of changing to a different tire sent chills up my spine. Is this how it would be every time? What is the advantage really? I had heard hype from so many people, about years of not having issues, did they all go through this much effort initailly? IMO, changing a tube isn't really that big of a deal. I was hoping that going tubeless would mean lower pressure, but since I routinely run less than 30 psi in my tires, I don't see Stans as being that big of an advantage there. They will lower rolling resistance, so that's good, and it's nice to know that small holes, thorns, and bits of glass won't leave me with a flat. But concerns of sidewall gashes and trying out new tires has me wondering if I didn't line the wallet of Stans & Home Depot unnecessarily. Only time will tell.

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