Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Loads going on... not many pixels

Been super busy as of late, no time to stop and snap pixels. Since the wife and kiddo got back from their extended stay @ the "rents", I've not had a single Wed. R&I ride... as an "older gentleman" schedules and routine are required, and missing more than 6 rides is throwing my riding mojo out the window. That along with stress @ work and I've gained a few #'s.... I can now see how a shot off the radar and pushed maximum capacity. I realize it's a struggle to balance life when you have a busy job, young kids, wife, dogs, bills... but without health none of the other things in life can be managed. For me getting out and riding is a critical component to my mental and physical well being. That said, tonight is the first Wed. R&I I'll have been on since June!

Oh, I also have some potentially exciting news, but you'll have to wait until I update next for all 3 of you that still read blogs ;)

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