Monday, August 29, 2011

Argh!!!!.... or more back problems....

... so as my avid readers and fans all know, I recently had an issue with my stellar Wingnut Gear Hyper 3.0. The harness tore away from the main body due to my lackluster riding skills. The spousal unit was good enough to repair the harness (after making me repair/replace her AC compressor on her Jeep). Well, repaired it is no more. On last Wed's R&I ride, I was on the Mariachi and going through some rough when the harness gave up again. I cut my ride short and decided to keep the cooler & beers company until the rest of the crew finished their ride.

The next day I headed into San Antonio for a farewell lunch my former co-workers put together for me. Post lunch, I headed down to Good Sports to check out the latest offering in hydro packs from Osprey. Lots of folks on swear by these things, and at least three of the SA crew are sporting them and claim to never want to go back to another style of hydro pack. So what the hay, I'll dive into the shallow end. A dry run @ the store seemed pretty good, and I do have to admit that this is a very well thought out pack. Pockets where you need them, compression straps a-plenty. I was sold.

So funday Sunday rolls around and I'm off to Flat Rock Ranch for possibly the last time. A bunch of the Mojo's came to bid me farewell. The ride started great, but by the middle of the first climb things began to take a horrible turn for the worse. My back started to twinge, by the time we finished chasing down Dennis & Jimmy my back was toast! I was able to limp through the rest of the lower loop, but my back was finished.

So what? So when you find something good, and that works for you, don't deviate from the plan... which is now making me wonder if I've made a horrible decision career wise and wonder of the Colorado move is just a huge mistake?

I'm feeling the pain (in my back, still) and crunch time is upon me. Still don't have a rental lined up, and no one seems to want to point me in the right direction as far as housing is concerned. I think I'm going to throw caution to the wind and choose a place close to work (less than 15 miles) so I can commute to the office and won't have to spend quite so much time staring at brake lights.

So if any of my faithful readers out there have a nice studio or 1 BR for rent in the DTC or Littleton area's speak up yo! Gotta keep the budget modest so 1k or less per month please.

For sale or trade for Hyper 3.0 & cash

Raptor 14 $80 (no bladder included... eww why would you want my germs?)

Trade for:

Hyper 3.0 & some cashish!

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