Friday, May 27, 2011

Last day of school....

.... and my little girl is now officially a 1st grader! Wow how time flies. Glad to see kids are taking advantage of the bike rack @ school and are riding their bikes to school! If K gets the transfer to E's school, they can ride their bikes to school! What a great way to start and end your day... together... on a bike!

This weekend we're heading to the Frio to do a little camping, and a lot of rope swing adventures! Let's see if the old man can handle the high swing this year!


e. said...

have a great time camping and swinging! what does K do at schools?? that would be awesome for them to bike together.

fatbob29r said...


Frio was excellent, each time we go we wish we had stayed a little longer. We swam, swung, jumped and splashed for 2 days. No blackberry service, no calls, no TV. Last night we looked for frogs and then hung out and looked at stars.

K is the school nurse (she's currently collecting tubes of chap stick). It would be fun, but doubtful that she'll do it because of a busy(ish) road that has to be crossed.... just as well with all the idiot drivers out there (watch for a blog post in the next day or so on that)