Sunday, May 15, 2011

Government Canyon

Went out for a little ride on Government Canyon, when I called the ranger station to verify that the trails were open, they said yes, but that the front country was going to be a little wet, so we skipped the warm up on the front country and rode from parking area "C" to the main loop @ Joe Johnson, then hung a right to Recharge and began the climb up Far Reaches. I hadn't been out there since before the Terlingua trip, there were only three of us, Jeff29, BernieMac, and me... It was a nice casual pace with rest stops to let everyone catch their breath. I felt super strong and cleaned all of Far Reaches save for one bad line that left me high centered on a ledge. By the end we got in 13 or so miles. It was a great day to be on the trail with temps in the mid 70's and a slight breeze.


BernieMac working his way up to the top

The view from the top of Far Reaches

The Mach 429

Need to get more long rides in. The Wednesday R&I is fun, but isn't doing what I need it to for me fitness wise. Looking to work in a Friday after work ride @ Government Canyon & Flat Rock Ranch.


e. said...

psyched you're finding time to ride. :)

fatbob29r said...

@ e.

What about you? I can't see what you've been up to other than the FB thing which just isn't the same to me as a good ole blahg. Have you and the girls been out playing this spring? Any ice cream socials? I think you should surprise Mr. T with a nice Breezer Uptown 8 or Electra Amsterdam, then you should ask him out on a date night... ride your bikes to Old Town for a nice meal, then down to B&J's for some ice cream, then a nice stroll to the Torpedo Factory and finally a nice ride along the Potomac down to Airport park with a blanket, some wine (may not be romantic but if you stash it in a water bottle the park police won't hassle you), cheese, fruit and watch the planes fly over while you take in the fresh spring air and watch the boats go by.

Chris said...

Hey Bob,

Good to see you're keeping up the blog, just made my first entry in about a year. How've you and the family been? Couldn't find you on FB, friend me there if you would.

Chris Marenghi