Sunday, October 17, 2010

down & out

... tried to sleep in my hammock the other night since the weather was so nice for sleeping outside. I got maybe 2-3 hours of sleep before I had to go inside. There's just something not right to me about sleeping in a hammock, just freaks me out. So yesterday I snuck out for a quick ride around Madrone and my lower back was king of bugging me. I haven't had back pain in a while, really since switching over to the wingnut hydro pack. By the end of the ride my back was a wreck, I could barely lift the bike onto the roof (so I didn't, ended up stuffing it into my Fit). By the time I got home for the Daisy/Brownie/Girl Scouts fair, I could barely walk... well, really it's the sitting and standing change the makes me want to cry. Looks like I may be off the bike for a while (K's dream come true). I think I need to work on the core, do some stretching & yoga, and time to ditch the idea that I'm every going to be able to use a hammock to camp.... threw the hammock on the marketplace and am now researching solo tents and bivvy's. I think a good bivy will be a good start.

This was from last weekend. It was ~2,000 feet to this vista, not bad for flat old Tex-Ass. Notice the two Pivot's? It's not an optical illusion, both ends of the spectrum there. The red 429 is an XL next to my S raw 429... eyeballed wheelbase difference is 8-10"... makes me wonder how the poor guy is able to take any switchbacks or make any steep climbs


erin said...

i have all this really light camping stuff, so that i can backpack into a site, blahblahblah... but now, with my hips, i am thinking of getting something akin to an aerobed so that i can walk in the mornings, after camping (which, by the way, i never do anymore... and i miss it)(camping, that is). so, i guess it's car camping for me from now on! (and nooo sleeping outside here. hate the damn bugs.. and that bivy sack would probably soak me too.)

fatbob29r said...


I had all this great lightweight gear in the early '90s. My dream was to through hike the AT... I got a couple of overnighters under my belt and realized that there was a lot more planning & $ involved. Most of my lightweight stuff is long gone, but I still dream of a through hike on the AT, Love to take my little red to let her unplug from the world for a couple of months.

My latest thing is doing the great divide route from Banff, BA to Antelope Wells, NM. If you have the Documentary Channel you should DVR "Ride the Divide". Very cool and makes me want to move to Colorado!

FYI... for your sore hips, check out the Thermarest Neo Air. It's what I'm going to be picking up to replace my ancient old pad.

erin said...

yeah, my thermarest is ancient (and very, very thin) as well. i would love to go to banff... and NM. and montana. and and and