Monday, September 06, 2010

shake down ride....

.... @ Salado! yes, I know I'm breaking from tradition, but it was the closest group ride I could find. The new Pivot Mach 429 did great. Far exceeds expectations. Since I've been on a hard tail for the last 10 years, a dual suspension bike has to be really efficient to get me excited. The 429 does not disappoint! Plenty of squish when and where you need it (in the rough stuff and on big hits). Stiff and efficient when I want it (climbing and seated pedaling). We didn't get too many miles in, and the pace was nice and social so I had plenty of time to bounce around and make adjustments as necessary. I'll have to dial in the air pressure on both the shock and fork, I think I have too much air pressure in the rear shock, and the rebound is super fast... this would be great, but the front end was a little low and slow, so I felt like I was too far forward all the time. I was able to increase air pressure up front which leveled things out a bit. Other than that the bike did great, didn't complain at any of my bad line choices, except for the 44t front chain ring that didn't like being smashed on a rock ledge. One negative so far is the BB seems super low on this bike. I've had more pedal strikes in one ride than in months of riding the HT Salsa EM. May have been pilot error, but me thinks some shorter cranks are in my future.

Pic's to come once the complete build is done. Right now I'm running donor parts from the El Mariachi!


erin said...

so funny... all i hear is "wah-wah-wah-wah-wah"... but i love that you are excited about your bike and riding! yeehaw! :)
did you ever go to and look at the 2nd column, 7th row of pics? just wondering. (that's how i ride, baby!)

fatbob29r said...


Worst part is I'm like 20% bike nerd, there are others who are way more serious about it than I.

I did czech out your pic... that's a lot to handle, you've got kids up front and out back, hard to manage both... where was Mr. T?