Saturday, April 10, 2010

No time....

.... new job started. A week in Houston (yuck) for training. Got a home early last Friday, K & E were busy doing whatever they do on girls nights, so I broke out and got my ride on. A rather quick lap around the Madrone trail, felt good after looking at IH10 for 3 hours. Tuesday I brought the bike to work and joined the regulars for the Tuesday night ride. There were two groups, I went with the slow group. Doug led the ride and we didn't hit the same single track twice. Doug's a great ride leader, very patient. The group was slow, even by my standards, but it was nice to see some folks I haven't in a while. Nices social pace follow up by burgers and brauts.... I didn't have any as the diet is in full force. I'm almost too embarrassed to admit that I'm happy to be where I am, but I suppose you have to hit bottom before you're ready for recovery. My all time high was measured by my Dr. @ 201. I'm down to 186 by simply reducing my calories and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Trying to get some cycling in at least a couple of times a week, and will top it all off with an intensive 90 day detox program!


e. said...

good for you! i hope you keep up the tuesday rides (f the weight-- simply for sanity sake, you know!) and enjoy your job on some level. hoorah!

fatbob29r said...


Thanks, I can always count on a kind word from you. I need to drop the lbs for health sake, plus my mental well being. I feel better about life when I'm in better shape (not that I'll ever give up a good malt).

I'm glad to have a job, so i won't complain. The job is the best motivation to finish up my RN and get out of telecom once and for all.... for now ;^)