Monday, January 26, 2009

67*'s and foggy

And Kathy has Ella, this could only mean one thing. I was going to get my fat arse out and ride... wow, have I lost a ton of fitness in the last month and a half. Gotta get back on some sort of program, even if that means early AM runs on the treadmill.

Went to the Madrone trail, weather was down right brilliant, 67 degrees, no sun, loads of fog. Visibility as I pulled up to the lake was maybe 100 yards. The fog, while great at keeping the sun off my poor skin, didn't do me any favors on the rocky terrain of the Madrone trail. The rocks were super slippery and I felt like I was back east... it was wonderful. Of course, my chums back east are out riding in 20 degree weather, so I am spoiled... for now. No great action shots as it was too wet to take chances with the new camera.

A few parking lot shots to show off the Texas equivalent of mud.

Which reminds me, I need to see if Ricky has any more of those 1 beer stickers or the artwork so I can have some printed up

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