Friday, December 19, 2008

New Camera...

...finally! So for my birthday Kathy bought me a new Camera. If you've been following along you know I lost my old one @ the Madrone Trail. Initially she bought me a really nice Canon. It was super fancy, 12 Megapixles, not an SLR, as I'm no where near good enough for that, but rather an Elph of some sort. There was the problem... it was too nice for what I was going to use it for. Really the majority of its use is going to be for bike trips, there's no point in owning a nice point & shoot, especially if you knew how lousy my bike skilz are. So we decided to return it and get a lesser camera. Well, as luck would have it, we were at Target (Tar-Jay as we and about a billion other people say ) and saw a Nikon S202 for $97! Wowzers, I realize it's no Canon, and doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but that makes it perfect for a non camera nerd like me. I just want small and easy to use... Check & Check

Thin eh?

Picture quality is a little fuzzy, but then again my subject matter wasn't exactly being all that patient. I'll have to get used to the shutter speed, but for under $100 what do you want?


erin said...

it ALMOST looks like litte miss ella is considering flipping you the ol' bird...!!

fatbob29r said...

Not surprising... she is her mothers daughter after all ;o)