Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dear Santa...

... below is the list Ella wrote Santa today (I may have helped a little, can you tell?)... it's off to the post office to express it to the north pole, hope he gets it in time!

Dear Santa,

My name is Ella ________ , and I have been a very naughty girl this year.

Please, please, please bring me

Ten (10) Dalmatian puppies (with spots please)

One (1) Kitchen

One (1) pony by the name of "Sally"

One (1) Kitten by the name of "Iga"

One (1) DVD of "The Grinch who stole Christmas)

One (1) Garmin Edge 705 GPS

One (1) Pair of Swobo "Fenster" Knickers size large... I'll grow into them

One (1) Pair of Swobo "Minkman Combo" in black, size large... see above

One (1) Jeff Jones 3D Spaceframe with an ETT of 23" and a matching Truss Fat Front Fork

with a Black Anodized Paul 135MM Disc Hub laced to a Speedway rim (and a matching Paul

Hub laced to a DT Swiss XR470 rim) your modified XTR Cranks with Chris King Bottom

Bracket, Boone Ti Chain Ring (32t), Chris King Rear ISO Disc Hub in SS with your

modified XT Cassette, and an assortment of Boone Ti Cogs 18-21, Ericson Ti Stem and Seat

post, Brooks "Swift" saddle in Honey

Finally, One (1) Moots Gristle (3" travel) in 16.5 or One (1) Moots Cinco with an XTR

Build Kit... your choice, I'm not picky.

Thank you Santa, please accept these cookies and this glass of milk as payment in full

for above said items.


Chris said...

Damn Bob, you're smart!!! Why didn't I think of putting that stuff on my kid's list(s)???

Merry Christmas!

fatbob29r said...


You have to get up pretty early to outsmart "Santa".... hope he falls for it ;o)

erin said...

nice job putting all the hard work to ella...hmm... (me thinks it's more fun to watch the grinch on TV--commercials and all-- as that is how i remember watching it!)(i own the dvd, however, if you want to borrow it) ;)