Thursday, September 07, 2006

Wow, this thing is still alive!

Well, not much to say about biking. I have been slacking hard on the bike front, and more than likely won't be doing much riding for a little while. The wife finally broke me and made me buy a house, so you guessed it I've been off the bike and doing stuff for the prep. of the house. The benefit of buying a new home is there aren't a ton of things to do on the inside and nothing to worry about like hot water heaters bursting, and electrical work going south on you in the middle of the night... the downshot is that you have to worry about and think about things you never think of as a renter.... like sod, trees, shrubs... so needless to say, I've had more on my plate than I had expected. I am closer to my favorite local trail, so if I'm lucky I can get in at least two rides on the weekends, and still have time for the honey do list. Once again, I will post up pic's once I get the camera back, the wife has been holding it hostage for several months now. I'm getting so desperate that I'm taking my camera phone with me on the next ride just so I can snap some pics!

Happy riding...

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