Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My riding buddy

After being away from my family for 7 months with few visits, I've learned to appreciate time @ home, and don't desire the all day bike-a-thon's that I used to before leaving. Watching you child grow from a distance is not fun, or easy my hat is off to all the folks who travel for a living, and for those who split their time with their children. On those day where I just want to get out there, I've found that I have a new riding buddy. This riding buddy is by far my favorite. She enjoys taking the hard lines and isn't afraid to walk. Mostly, she just enjoys being outside in nature, and I couldn't be happier about that. I hope she wants to be my riding buddy for as long as I'm able to ride, and hope she never forgets the pure joy of riding her bike in the woods. She is my bestest riding buddy ever!
Ready to hit the trail, this is fun she exclaimed! Notice her cycling socks!
We found martian brains on the trail and she decided she wanted to know what they looked like inside
Taking time to stop and observe and learn. Have I mentioned what a cool kid she is? I hope you get out to ride, or hike, or whatever with your buddy. It's the best time you can have and an investment in time that can't be measured. Get off the couch and explore your world.


Steve Z (swampboy62) said...

Way to go Dad! Love to see kids enjoyin some trail time.

BTW linked to your blog from Trailer Park Cyclist.

Steve Z

e. said...

just saw this (was hoping to see a moving update). love it!