Sunday, October 21, 2012

More tinkering in the garage

since buying the pugsley, I've been playing around with configurations. The bike is amazing and comes, or at least it came, with rack and fender mounts for almost any set up you could dream of. I've wanted a porteur style rack for it, but a custom rack can run well over $300, and I just don't know if I'd like it enough to justify that cost. I had an old junk rack that I picked up at a Performance yard sale some years ago for like $3. Problem with it is the struts were very narrow as this was for a road/touring type bike. It was also lacking mounting hardware, which is why it was only $3. I decided rather than throw it away why not hack off the struts and fabricate some of my own and a new bracket while I was at it. I picked up some flat bar aluminum @ Lowes for $5. A dremel tool, a few clamps, a metal file, and some time and I turned a throw away rack into a useful front rack for the Pugsley. If I use it enough and like it enough, I may be able to justify a proper porteur rack like a Cetma or a Paul Flatbed. Until then, this will be a good jumping off point.


Joe said...

I like it. I am waiting for the UPS man to arrive right now with my Neck Romancer. He will also be delivering a Surly Nice Rack, but I have been contemplating a front rack. I will copy yours! Good work.

fatbob29r said...

Thanks Joe, enjoy your Neck Romancer, I love the Johnny Cash look of the Necro Pugs. You can always put the Nice Rack up front if you choose. I prefer having the rack up front so I can monitor what's happening with the load, but that's just me.