Thursday, March 24, 2011

OP R&I on Mach 429

Another Wednesday night R&I.... Saw Sandy from Mojo, who I haven't seen or ridden with in at least two years... maybe 3. It was great to see her again, and I'm glad she's taking time out to get on her bike and ride. I could sense her frustration, as things that wouldn't have been a challenge for her in the past made her second guess her skill set, but by the end of the ride she was feeling more comfortable again. We also got to see Will last night, amazing that the guy was up and about and probably 50% on his right side. He's got a long road ahead of him. I didn't list the details of his "incident" as the location was a black ops situation, I've not spoken much of it, but on Saturday last week we had to call in EMS and a helicopter to air lift him off the side of a trail due to a nasty crash which caused his C2 & C3 to compress. He was air lifted to the hospital and had surgery that evening. The scar from his incision is tiny, and they went in from the front which I though was unusual. Needless to say it was great to see him on his feet and out of the hospital so quickly, we of course had to give him a hard time in typical mojo fashion and ask him if the hospital staff removed the Frankenstein bolts from his neck. I think being around the fire and watching his chums drink beer post ride was the best medicine he had all week. Heal quickly, Will.

The ride tracks

OP R&I on Mach 429 by fatbob29r at Garmin Connect - Details

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