Saturday, December 18, 2010

41 times around the sun...

... and to celebrate I took and old friend

To this place....

With a stop here

To think about how lucky I am to have the life I have.

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been in the dumps lately, but it's amazing how a simple ride in the "woods" on a simple machine can change your entire perspective on things. Indeed I am a very lucky man.

After my pause to reflect, it was back to the trail, and finally time to pack it up. Amazing that I can cram so much stuff into such a small vehicle!

Today, I'm off to tackle a rocky place with lots of climbing and great vistas with friends.


e. said...

wow, you're 41? sheesh. i had no idea how absolutely ancient you are. i can't comment on anything else right now, since i'm so shocked! ;) ;) ;)
really... i'm so glad about you getting some time on your bike. i thought about you today, as we drove up little cottonwood canyon. have you ever biked millcreek or either cottonwoods, or anything?? i am thinking you'd love it-- ??

fatbob29r said...

Wow, now I do feel "old" ;)

E, sadly I've not ridden CO, UT, CA, WA, OR, ID.... I had a bad attitude when I was younger (if only we could go back with the knowledge we have today) and didn't take advantage of my hobo lifestyle.