Friday, April 17, 2009

Gone.... (or a silly long run on sentence)


... so in these tough economic times one does what one has to do. The Vassago pretty much sat in the garage 98% of the time, instead I tend to ride my cheap-o on-one inbred franken fixie... don't know why exactly it's like driving a civic with a fart-can exhaust when you have a proper race car in the garage... maybe that was part of it. The Vassago, while very capable off road, was more of a garage/trailer queen. I liked the look of it, it would last forever, but I didn't enjoy riding it. The crappy inbred always won out... so I did what any guy who hasn't worked 8 months would do... I sold it. The other thing I found, is that as much as I wanted to love my 29er experience I just didn't. While I think it's a spectacular platform for tall, fit folks, us short, fat, out of shape folks just need a little more room for the boy(s) and need a rear wheel that will get up to speed faster. Hence the beauty of the 69er or 96er. All the benefits of a big wheel up front & all the benefits of a smaller lighter wheel out back. The funds of the chi-chi Ti race bike will go to good use as we're having a patio put in the back yard. The builder gave us a little 10x12 covered porch which is nice until you get furniture and a grill out there, throw in a plant or twelve and there's no room. The new patio will be 27x12 with a 2' bump out on the existing 10' section of the original porch. The old porch will then be enclosed with screening. We'll finish off the patio with a shade sail to give us a break from the brutal Texas sun (our house is oriented with the back facing south... sun all afternoon). I need to find an ROI model for a pavestone patio to see if we'll see any $ back when we go to sell.

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erin said...

dude. you are hellbent on leaving TX! i have given up the dream, as my husband is 400th generation DC. whatevah!
(btw, there is a urologist?? here named DR. BALL. just wanted to fill you in on that. maybe you'd end up working for him-- haha!) ;)